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🎧 Our goal 🎧

We are a music tech company. By combining music and technology, we provide music lovers with technical solutions to make their performances much simpler. 

πŸ“±15 apps, 350 million downloads, and many more to come! πŸ“±

Since 2012, MWM has developed several apps covering popular music segments like DJ Production, Music Creation, Learning, Gaming or Health. Thanks to our large ecosystem of products, we have become the world’s #1 music app publisher, registering over 350 million downloads across 182 countries. 

MWM is behind top-rated apps such as edjing Mix, the world’s most downloaded DJ app voted “Best App of the Year” every year, but also Stream, Guitar or Tuner that are regularly reaching the top charts. 

βš™Tech at MWM : Sneak Peak βš™

  • A team of 30 developers in Boulogne-Billancourt and Bordeaux, working in multiple disciplines : Backend, FrontEnd, Mobile Development on iOS and Android, Embedded development for hardware products, Audio R&D, Data analysis, DevOps and Internal tools. 
  • Over 15 Apps currently released on the Apple App Store spanning several different genres : Music production, Music Learning, Music games, Music utilities, Music apps for health (meditation, etc...)  and more
  • Our iOS apps are developed using Swift and the VIPER Design Pattern
  • For android development, we use Kotlin with MVP design-pattern, AndroidX, AppBundle
  • Fully automated CI/CD using Jenkins and Gitlab CI
  • VueJS, Angular for frontend development
  • Backend : Go on GCP, with Firestore, BigQuery and ElasticSearch Databases
  • DevOps : Terraform, GCP, ElasticSearch, Monitoring using Prometheus, Stackdriver and Grafana, Logging using Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash
  • Data : GCP, R and Python
  • Audio R&D : Matlab and python for Prototyping and Machine Learning. C and C++ with CMake for final products.

Driven by the need to create the best user experience possible through our apps, we are continuously innovating in every project.

People are at the heart of our operation and each and everyone plays an essential role. By joining our team, you will be fully involved in MWM life and you will actively contribute to achieving our ambitious goals. All this in an incredibly stimulating and creative work environment in the most charming city in the world, Paris! 

If you are ambitious and are up to challenges, come and join us !