dotSwift 2020

Swift training: SwiftUI Kickstart

February 4, 2020 Paris, France


SwiftUI Kickstart training

Introducing the SwiftUI User Interface Framework

We have partnered with our host Daniel Steinberg to provide this Swift training on February 4, 2020 (the day after dotSwift).

Currently Daniel's most popular course, SwiftUI is the future of iOS, Mac, AppleWatch, and AppleTV interface development. This hands-on introduction shows you how to combine and configure elements and lay them out. You'll learn the new paradigm for data flow in SwiftUI as well as new and familiar tools for creating tabs, sheets, and navigation for your app.

What you'll learn

SwiftUI is the future of iOS, Mac, AppleWatch, and AppleTV App development and this best-selling, one-day, intensive class introduces you to the essential aspects of working with SwiftUI.

You learn and work with elements that present such as Text and Image as well as elements that accept input such as Button, Slider, and TextField.

You lay the elements out with VStack, HStack, ZStack, and GeometryReader and organize elements in your app with List, TabView, NavigationView, and Sheets.

You handle data with State, Binding, properties, ObservableObjects, and the Environment. Add finishing touches to your application with Shape and Animation.


  • Reconsidering UIKit
  • Text
  • Image
  • View
  • Opaque Return types

Basic Layout

  • VStack
  • HStack
  • Modifying Views
  • Padding and Spacer
  • Function Builders (optional)

User Input

  • Button
  • Slider
  • TextField

Data Flow

  • Properties
  • State
  • Binding
  • ObservableObject
  • The environment
  • Property Wrappers (optional)

Lists and Navigation

  • TabView
  • NavigationView
  • Detail View
  • Sheets
  • Lists
  • For Each

Drawing and Animation (optional)

  • Shapes
  • BezierCurves
  • Zstack
  • GeometryReader
  • Basic Animation

For who?

This fast-paced, one day introductory course is for experienced Swift developers who are new to SwiftUI.

What you need

You need a Mac running the latest version of Xcode. You'll create projects throughout the day.